201908_AUG19 Advance Orders

Orders for comics shipping in October 2019 due by Saturday 25th of August. You can order using this web site or use the AUG19.txt file and email it back to orders@thecomicbookshop.co.uk.

AUG19 order text file: http://www.thecomicbookshop.co.uk/monthly/AUG19/AUG19.txt

AUG19 Previews text file: http://www.thecomicbookshop.co.uk/monthly/AUG19/AUG19_previewsuk.txt

AUG19 Marvel Previews text file: http://www.thecomicbookshop.co.uk/monthly/AUG19/AUG19_marvelpreviews.txt

AUG19 New series list: http://www.thecomicbookshop.co.uk/monthly/AUG19/AUG19_newseries.txt

The AUG19_previewsuk.txt and AUG19_marvelpreviews.txt contain the descriptions of all the items on the order form.

The advance order system is primarily intended for in-store collection and payment, there may be complications if attempts are made to order for remote delivery from this section.

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