CEREBUS VOL 7 FLIGHT [by Dave Sim and Gerhard]


by Dave Sim and Gerhard

For readers of the monthly CEREBUS THE AARDVARK comic book, there are five years between the end of CHURCH AND STATE and the beginning of FLIGHT, the first volume of the long-awaited MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS. In a single sword stroke, the story returns to the world of politics, religion, magic, and weirdness that is the essence of CEREBUS to so many of the comic book series' fans. This volume is packed with the intrigue, mysteries, revelations, dream sequences, and raunchy humor that are Cerebus trademarks but that basically disappeared in the two preceding volumes. This is not a complaint, however, as the impact of these elements in Flight are only heightened by their previous absence. From the first page of FLIGHT, it becomes abundantly clear that MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS is from the old-school CEREBUS and Dave Sim is at his best. The story jumps off (literally) from the final pages of the MELMOTH epilogue. Under the backdrop of the Cirinist government's matriarchal occupation of Iest, a bevy of strange mystical things are happening. Many of these events--along with some of the artistic stylings--are a direct throwback to the very first issue of the comic book. The best of the supporting cast--Lord Julius, Astoria, Elrod, and the reactionary, woman-hating Punisherroach (the perfect foil to the reactionary man-hating Cirin)--returns, as well as a few surprises from the past. Because of the heightened pace of the storytelling, there are numerous highlights, which include the joy of flying, the unmasking of Death, and chess with Suentuous Po. The counterpoint to the impressive foundation of the two-volume, 1,2-page CHURCH AND STATE is the equally impressive, equally complex MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS, the first volume of which is FLIGHT. This graphic novel concerns the fight between the newly established matriarchy and the opposing "daughterarchy." Cerebus, trying to regain the power he lost when the matriarchal Cirinists took over, heads down a fateful, blood-soaked path. Dave Sim is often reviled as a misogynist because of the radical politics and philosophy laid down in his books, the groundwork of which begins here and builds toward the climax of MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS, which was so explosive that when it was initially released it cost Sim several close friends.

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