Yukiru Sugisaki

Krad continues his attempt to kill Daisuke, who retaliates by asking Satoshi (still inside Krad) to help him get Dark out of the mirror. Krad decides to let Daisuke live this time (mostly because he doesn't have much choice), knocks him into the ocean one last time, and leaves. Daisuke makes his way back to the beach, where he meets Risa, who, having seen wings earlier, sees him from behind and is convinced that he's Dark.
Riku sees the whole scene and is devastated, wondering why Daisuke doesn't tell Risa he's not Dark. The main themes are that Daisuke still trusts Satoshi even though Krad is trying to kill him, and that Riku is still insecure about her relationship with Daisuke. Daisuke, unsure of whether or not Risa has seen him as Dark, runs away from her, and then, tired and injured collapses.
He wakes up in the hotel with his arm bandaged and finds out that it was Satoshi who helped him. He has no idea what to do about saving Dark, and Satoshi steps in to help him once more. He tells Daisuke that he should ask the Towa no Shirube how to find Dark, and warns Daisuke that if he was to come near Satoshi again, Daisuke would probably end up in a lot of pain.
Daisuke goes to the Towa no Shirube, who agrees to help him. Meanwhile, Riku, who ran off after witnessing the seen between Daisuke and Risa, finds herself lost in the forest. Risa, who went off to find her, has also gone missing.
Takeshi goes around blackmailing the class co-chairs in order to buy some time to find Risa, Riku, and Daisuke before the teacher finds out. Daisuke and Towa go inside the mirror, and Towa gives Daisuke several warning about how the world inside the mirror is not real, is unstable, etc. They finally get to where Dark is and Daisuke finds himself suddenly waking up in his own house with a boy who looks like a younger version of Dark lying next to him.
He finds out that Dark's memories have scattered, and Dark doesn't remember anything about him. The main theme is to give some more information about the Cultural Reformation, and mention the Hikari family. Daisuke goes around collecting the feathers that make up Dark's memory.
In the meantime, every time he meets Dark, who goes by Daisuke Niwa in this world, Dark threatens to call the police. He can't find the last feather and gets really depressed, realizing that Dark can never have his love granted to him, and thinks that Dark might be happier in this world. Towa knocks some sense into him, and he realizes he doesn't want to be forgotten after all.
Then the Kaitoh Dark of this world shows up, and Towa tells Daisuke that Dark has the last feather. Daisuke realizes he can't catch up to Dark, so he decides to head him off. While doing this, he runs into Satoshi, and realizes that Satoshi shouldn't exist in Dark's ideal world.
He finally realizes that it wasn't Dark's dream, it was his, and that he was forgetting that he is Dark. He gets the last feather right as Towa uses up the last of her powers. The main theme is to remind the readers (and Daisuke) that Dark is Daisuke's other self.
Dark is finally back. He helps Towa, and they leave the mirror. Dark runs out of energy, so Daisuke starts to swim back to shore, and finds Risa on the way.
He saves her and meets Satoshi on the beach, who tells him that Riku is also missing. He goes off to save Riku while Takeshi comes and finds Risa. Towa tells Satoshi that she's going to stay with the Niwa family, and Daisuke finds Riku.
This chapter lets us know that the Hikari artwork always ends up in the Niwa family (something mentioned almost in passing) and that Daisuke really loves Riku.

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