DNANGEL 08 [Yukiru Sugisaki]


Yukiru Sugisaki

Riku is distraught over Dark stealing the painting she got from Daisuke. Meanwhile, Dark takes the painting back to the Niwa home, where he reveals that the painting has gone all black. Daisuke, inside the painting, meets the real Freedert, who tells him the true version of "Ice and Snow," a story the rest of the Niwas hear from Kosuke, who reveals that its original title was "Ice and Dark." It is again emphasized that fairy tales are written as warnings, and that the warning was taken out of "Ice and Dark" when the title was changed and it was re-written during the Cultural Reformation. The Niwas decide they need to find the sword that Elliot had. The Haradas decide to go after Dark to tell him to give Daisuke's painting back. Daisuke decides to help Freedert by painting a picture (for Toki no Byoushin to live in until, hopefully, Elliot shows up). Satoshi decides to let the Niwas find the sword. The important things we learn from this chapter are that Daisuke's paintings have power, humans can't live long in Freedert's world, and there's still a lot about Satoshi we don't know. Risa and Riku have made it to the crime scene, where Risa uses her feminine wiles to distract a police officer so the two of them can get closer to Dark. Meanwhile, Dark gets to Satoshi and the Toki no Kusabi after going through several magical barriers. Dark forces Satoshi to let Krad take control, and they fight. The fight is interrupted when Riku shows up. Important things learned in this chapter include Risa's sincere love for Dark, and Krad's vs. Dark's opinions on humanity and their own existence. The chapter begins with a narration telling of an artist and a thief from long ago, probably a reference to the original Hikari and Niwa, but names are excluded. Satoshi restores Daisuke's painting, thereby allowing Dark to go inside and get Daisuke out. Daisuke realizes that Freedert is dying and wants desperately to help her but can't. Dark pulls him out of the painting, and Satoshi puts the sword inside the painting, so Freedert and Elliot are reunited at last. Important things in this chapter include the story of the artist and the thief, Freedert's warning to Daisuke not to try to protect his love by dying, and Dark's monologue about eternity.

TOKYOPOP | 192 pgs | Black & White | 126mm x 198mm | 5 x 7 | Softcover | ISBN / UPC/ EAN/ PRODUCT CODE: 9781591829577

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